December 31, 2014

10 Most Popular Trademarkology Posts In 2014

by Guest Blogger

We cranked out a lot of blog posts this year. 221 to be exact. So which ones were the most popular in 2014? Here are the most-read stories:

1) Lessons from Will Ferrell: Five Steps for Picking a Baby Name

2) Rejuvenating Reebok: Rebranding a Well-Known Entity

3) Rebranding in Professional Sports: The Good, Sporting Kansas City

4) Rebranding in Professional Sports: The Bad, the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, California

5) City Slogan Trademarks: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

6) Trademark Searching Like A Rock Star

7) Branded Hashtags: The Next Big Thing in Trademarks?

8) Rebranding in Professional Sports: Major League Soccer

9) Rebranding in College Sports: The University of Tennessee Volunteers

10) Converse the World: The Battle for the Chuck Taylor All Star

If you're keeping score, Kevin Hartley had 6 posts in our top 10. Who knew that Kevin's fascination with rebranding would be shared with so many other people? I had 3 posts in the top 10, and Bill Ferrell had 1 post. Our resident yogi, Mari-Elise, just missed cracking the top 10.

And what's a top 10 list without some controversy? Our top post - Bill Ferrell's revealing look at what it's like to share the same name with a certain well-known comedian and actor - was actually published last December. Apparently, a lot of our readers are sympathetic to Bill's plight. All I can say is that at least he doesn't have the same problem as this guy:

Many thanks to all our readers this year! We hope that our little corner of the Internet highlighted some interesting trademark and branding issues ... and brightened your days. We have big plans in store in 2015 so please stay tuned!

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