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"Think Pink" And Build Your Brand With Colors

Research shows that the color of a product significantly influences consumer behavior. According to one researcher, color is 85% of the reason you purchase a specific product. Different colors mean different things. Therefore, it is...
by Guest Blogger April 10, 2014

'90's Flashback: Prince's Trademark Cautionary Tale

I have a 8-week old daughter, and she's generally in good spirits. Like most newborns, however, she usually comes down with a case of the grumps in the evening (i.e., the so-called "witching hour"). This...
by Guest Blogger August 21, 2014

(Illegal) Drugs and Trademarks

(Illegal) Drugs and Trademarks After thinking more about the recent decision by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to (at least initially) refuse federal registration status to the mark SLANTS used by a band of...
by Guest Blogger May 12, 2015

.SEX Top Level Domains Now Available – But Why?

On October 5, 2015, ICANN opens the door for trademark owners to register their marks in connection with the new .SEX top-level domain. This is called a "sunrise" period and permits domain name registrations before...
by Guest Blogger September 02, 2015

10 Most Popular Trademarkology Posts In 2014

We cranked out a lot of blog posts this year. 221 to be exact. So which ones were the most popular in 2014? Here are the most-read stories: 1) Lessons from Will Ferrell: Five Steps...
by Guest Blogger December 31, 2014