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Kentucky To Consider E-Recording Reforms

The past two decades have seen a paradigm shift in the way states sign, record, and notarize documents. Once hindered by paper document and "wet" signature requirements, the modern recordation process in many states has...
by Richard A. Vance October 23, 2017
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SCOKY Drops the Ball in Unifund

The Kentucky Supreme Court offered a new interpretation of Kentucky's usury statute, KRS 360.010, in a collection case involving a credit-card receivable. Unfortunately, SCOKY interpreted a statute that did not apply. Harrell, a consumer, had...
by Richard A. Vance August 22, 2017
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Comer Introduces Industrial Hemp Bill

Kentucky Representative (and former agriculture commissioner) James Comer introduced new legislation (H.R. 3530) to reduce the burden of regulations and statutes applicable to industrial hemp, an industry which is growing by leaps and bounds in...
by Richard A. Vance July 31, 2017
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Kentucky General Assembly Halves Judgment Interest Rate

The Kentucky legislature amended KRS 360.040, which governs the interest rate on money judgments. Previously, money judgments bore interest at 12% - the new rate is 6%, which is more in line with other states...
by Richard A. Vance July 24, 2017