November 19, 2014

WTF: Winterfresh Trademark Feud

by Guest Blogger


Marc Maron hosts a popular podcast called WTF with Marc Maron. When it comes to Maron's podcast, the acronym WTF stands for what you think it stands for: Winterfresh. Just kidding. It stands for what you were actually thinking.

Recently, a trademark dispute bubbled-up over the acronym "WTF." While it involves "marks" It does not involve Marc (with a "c") Maron, who has been known to engage in a feud or two. Instead, the dispute is between Wrigley in connection with its WINTERFRESH mark and Perfetti Van Melle Benelux BV, the company behind Mentos.

You probably remember the Mentos add campaign, the Fresh Maker, which was famously parodied by the Foo Fighters in their video for the hit song "Big Me."

Recently, Perfetti applied for federal registration of the marks WTF and WHAT THE FRESH for confectionery, namely, candies and chewing gum. Apparently, that left a sour taste in Wrigley's mouth. As a result, the company filed an icy opposition claiming that the marks were likely to cause confusion with its WINTERFRESH mark.

My response: WTF.

Bold prediction: Wrigley's bubble gets burst.

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