November 04, 2014

Writer’s Block®- Blog About What You Know

by Guest Blogger

Honestly, I had no idea what to write about this week. McDonald's filed applications for some silly trademarks and Comcast filed a trademark application for super high-speed internet, but I couldn't think of a good angle on either story. So, I reached back to the advice that our LexBlog legal blogging sensei, Audrea Fink, gave us when we started Trademarkology. Among other great teachings, she told us to always be ourselves and write about what we know. What I know right now is that I have writer's block. So, here's a roundup of my favorite "Writer's Block" trademarks filed or registered at the Trademark Office (shockingly, there were like 25).

In addition to things that are actually designed to help writers, there's a "Writer's Block" wine, which I guess would be helpful if it wasn't 10:30 am at the moment (not that I'm opposed to day-drinking).

Wb Wine Combo

There's also, for some reason, a "WritersBlok" glue.

Wb Glue

But my favorite discovery is that there is literally a "Writer's Block."

Wb Wood

The block has the letters W-R-I-T-E-R spelled out on its sides. Think this is a silly idea? The trademark was registered in 1985 and it is still available today.

Img 3505

The point here is that LexBlog gives great advice about legal blogging. Exhibit A: I had a fun time writing this trademark-related blog post about not being able to write a trademark-related blog post, and surprisingly, you just read it.

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