February 19, 2014

Take the Initial Step toward Building a Jordanesque Brand Today

by Guest Blogger

Call this my flu game. Like Michael Jordan in Game 5 of the '97 Finals, I am writing this post with the flu (or possibly pneumonia). Why? Because like Jordan in '97, my team needs me. At Trademarkology, we don't take days off. We are here to help with your trademark issues no matter what the circumstances. We would love to be the Jordan to your Pippen or vice versa, providing the assist(ance) you need.

Speaking of Jordan, "His Airness" turned 51 this week. More amazing than Jordan's incredible career may be the staying power of his brand. Indeed, Jordan reportedly earned $80-$100 million dollars in 2013 from his brand, a decade after retiring from the NBA (for the last time). In addition, in 2012, the Jordan brand still controlled 58% of the U.S. basketball shoe market. But here is the most staggering statistic: according to Forbes, the Jordan brand generates more than $1.75 billion globally.

While every brand would "like to be like Mike," not every brand can be built around arguably the most popular athlete in history. That said, every brand can take the initial step that Nike took to protect the Jordan brand by obtaining a federally registered trademark. Nike received its first Jordan related trademark almost 30 year ago when it registered AIR JORDAN. An investment well worth it, and one we can help your brand make today!

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