November 17, 2014

Ski City and Ski Town Settle Trademark Dispute

In light of the season's first snowfall, it only seems appropriate that we discuss skiing today. Earlier this year, Steamboat Ski & Resort Corporation filed suit against Visit Salt Lake regarding a "Ski City USA" marketing campaign. Steamboat Ski & Resort Corporation alleged the campaign infringed Steamboat's "SKI TOWN, U.S.A." trademark, which has been used for over fifty years. Steamboat Ski & Resort Corporation owns three federal registrations and one application for "SKI TOWN, U.S.A.".

Ski Town Usa

Visit Salt Lake agreed to drop the "USA" component from its campaign, and will now promote itself only as "SKI CITY". While the majority of the terms of the settlement are confidiential, it has been stated that Visit Salt Lake can use "Ski City" freely. As a result, Visit Salt Lake has amended its logo and website.

Salt Lake City

However, Visit Salt Lake CEO Scott Beck says the message Visit Salt Lake is trying to convey remains the same: "The Ski City campaign is unique and will continue to promote a distinct alternative experience â the benefits of an urban community teeming with restaurants, professional sports teams, cultural offerings and abundant hotel options." Though I've never skiied, both destinations look like great options for a ski getaway.