October 07, 2014

New Film Shows What Happens in Your Brain When You Play With Hot Wheels

by Guest Blogger

I loved Hot Wheels when I was a kid. No doubt it is a powerful brandâthe Hot Wheels trademark was registered in 1968. Here's what the packaging looked like back then:

Img 1179

Needless to say, I was beyond excited to see the new Hot Wheels short film (commercial?) by Vanguard Pictures. According to Adweek, the film was shot in stop-action with CGI used mostly to erase supports for the tracks (a trademark application is pending for the iconic orange tracks, BTW). It's more likely they used a time machine to extract this directly out of my 8-year-old imagination.

This is actually the third Vanguard stop-action film using toy cars. The first two (here and here) inspired the Hot Wheels brand to hop on board and commission this piece, proving it always pays to look for creative opportunities to communicate your brand. Sure worked on me. My daughters will have Hot Wheels tracks by the end of the week.

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