July 11, 2014

Guest Post- A Welcome Message from J Mac and Dr. K

by Guest Blogger

Nashville Selfie

We (J Mac and Dr. K) have finally gotten settled, and we are so pleased with the intellectual property team Stites has assembled in Tennessee. We miss our old friends and the great attorneys at Waller, and we wish them well as they focus on corporate healthcare takeovers and corporate finance!

In the meantime, we've been geeking out with our new nerdy friends and their love of technology, patents, trademarks and copyrights. We thought you might geek out a little too when you see this team right here in Nashville and Memphis, so we want you to get to know them all with us!

By way of introduction and, naturally, from shortest to tallest:

Richard Myers* â Small molecule man (Chemist)

Dr. Kelly Hollowell* â Patents, TMs and IP Deals (Molecular Pharmacologist)

Rebecca Barnett* â Patents & Trademarks (Biomedical Engineer)

Connie Ding* â International Patents (Mandarin speaking Molecular Biologist)

Bill Ferrell* â Trademark & Patent Fights (Mechanical Engineer)

Kevin Hartley -- Patent & Trademark Fights

Melissa Smith â Trademark & Patent Fights (Pugilist winner in her weight class)

Nicolo Davidson* â Patents (Chemical Engineer)

Alex MacKay âTrademark Fights, Adverts & Licensing

Reserved â for additional team member (or 3)

Justin McNaughton* â Patents & Licensing (Microbiologist)

Jen Kovalcik â Trademark Fights & Licensing

Randy Michels - Patent, Trademark & Copyright Fights

*Registered Patent Attorneys

We are also delighted to rub shoulders with 16 additional IP attorneys in Louisville, KY and Alexandria, VA!

-J Mac and Dr. K

P.S. We didn't know who Poprah was either until this week.