March 04, 2014

Five Fun Things to Do with Your Federal Trademark Registration

by Guest Blogger

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Women Enjoying Beer1

A trademark registration is not only useful, but also makes for an attractive conversation piece.[/caption]

So, you listened to the fine folks at Trademarkology and protected your brand name with a federally registered trademark. Now what? Here are five fun things you can do with your federally registered trademark.

1. License it.

Have you ever dreamed of making money for doing nothing? If you have a trademark, people might pay you for the honor of putting it on t-shirts or lunch boxes. This is how your favorite sports teams logo got onto your tailgating pop-up tent. It's also why a Miller Genuine Draft trucker hat costs $25 at the gas station.

2. Sell it.

In addition to licensing, you can sell and assign your federally registered trademark. As an embodiment of a business's good-will, a trademark can be more valuable than the tangible assets of the business.

3. Borrow against it.

Lenders may accept your trademark as collateral for loans. You can use that money to register more trademarks!

4. Hang it on the wall.

With its ornate calligraphy and handsome gold seal, an attractively framed and matted federally registered trademark registration will complement any decor. Or, as shown in the picture above, you can post it on your totally awesome website, like Women Enjoying Beer did.

5. Sue people for infringing it.

Although slightly more expensive than matting and framing, a federally registered trademark gives you access to the federal courts to sue infringers and provides nationwide notice of your trademark rights.

The lawyers at Trademarkology provide online trademark registration services backed by the experience and service of one of the nation's oldest law firms. Click here to begin the process of protecting your brand name with a federally registered trademark.