June 05, 2014

CMA Fest Elevates Country Music Stars And Their Brands

by Guest Blogger

This week, Nashville plays host to the CMA Music Festival (aka "CMA Fest" or "Fan Fair"). For the uninitiated, the CMA Music Festival is an epic 4-day country music event featuring all of the biggest names in country music. Last year's CMA Fest set an attendance record with daily attendance topping 80,000 fans.

As an aside, this event used to be held at the Tennessee State fairgrounds. Several years ago, the decision was made to move it to downtown Nashville. This was a boon for downtown businesses that cater to country music lovers like the honky tonks on Lower Broadway, but it made life ... ahem ... difficult for those of us who work downtown. Our city streets and parking garages are simply not compatible with the RV's and extended cab pickup trucks that seem to be the preferred mode of transportation for many CMA Fest attendees. Thankfully, the city has worked out most of the logistical kinks and the daily routine of most downtown workers remains mostly unaffected during CMA Fest.

Country music artists are legendary for being accessible and gracious to their fans, and one of the biggest appeals of the CMA Fest is that it allows fans to meet their favorite country music artists. Fans line up for hours to get pictures and autographs. In 1996, Garth Brooks famously signed autographs for 23 hours and 10 minutes without a single break (source).

Despite their folksy image, country music artists are generally very savvy when it comes to protecting their personal brand. One of the key elements of any personal brand protection strategy is to obtain federal trademark registrations, which the following 2014 CMA Fest headliners have done: Luke Bryan, Tim McGraw, Travis Tritt, Jason Aldean, Miranda Lambert, Blake Shelton, Keith Urban, Hunter Hayes, and Brad Paisley.

These federal trademark registrations generally cover entertainment services, clothing, and audio and video recordings. Here are some examples of trademark use:

06 05 14 Blog Country Music Specimens

Federal trademark registrations enable these artists to effectively protect their reputations. Similar strategies are being adopted by other well-known people such as college football coaches. Of course, you don't have to be world famous to be concerned about your personal brand. If your brand is based on your personal identity, then you should also strongly consider obtaining a federal trademark registration to protect your reputation, prevent consumer confusion, and generally minimize the chances of "Something Bad" happening.

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