June 11, 2014

4 Buzziest World Cup Ads

by Guest Blogger

Futbol versus Football. Which sport is "better"? A debate that has raged for centuries decades. And now, it has found its way into the ad world. A recent article suggests that the World Cup is the most important sporting event to advertisers, far more important than the Super Bowl. Ealier this year, we wrote about the buzziest Super Bowl ads. Now, we present the buzziest World Cup ads.

Which ads do you think are better? Hit us in the Comments. We blog. You decide.

1. Nike: Pixar meets Space Jam.

We love Pixar. You (probably) love Pixar. We love Space Jam. You (probably) love Space Jam. Nike seems to borrow from both for this five and half minute ad that premiered on June 10. And it works. Nike struck gold in April with its Winner Stays ad (over 74 million views at posting), but we have a sneaking suspicion this will be the brand's most popular ad of the World Cup.

YouTube views at posting: 18.5 million

2. Adidas: Boys will be boys.

Growing up, I loved turning my house into a football field, basketball court, baseball field, or soccer pitch. Adidas leans on this favorite pastime with its House Match ad. Somewhere Posh Spice is covering her eyes.

YouTube views at posting: 13.7 million

3. Beats by Dre: Get pumped up with pregame rituals.

If this star-studded affair doesn't get your blood pumping, check your pulse. Stay to the end. Chills abound. 'Nough said.

YouTube views at posting: 8.4 million

4. Activia: Nothing beats a good cause.

The only company appearing in both of our buzziest ads blog posts is Dannon. Its Activia brand of yogurt has teamed with Shakira to provide the unofficial anthem for the 2014 World Cup and, more importantly, to help support the World Food Programme's School Meals initiative. With over 99 million views at posting, this music video/ad shows the World Cup's ability to spread an important message across the globe.

YouTube views at posting: 99 million

Keep an eye out for these ads and more when the World Cup kicks off on June 12. Long reign football futbol!

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