September 19, 2014

Trademark Week in Review: September 19, 2014

by Guest Blogger

Here's your weekly roundup of stories in the world of trademarks:

Mari-Elise took a savasana and looked at Lululemon's intellectual property enforcement strategies;

Bill did not get "font" and "typeface" confused when discussing typeface trademarks;

Apple secured federal trademark registrations for a bunch of iOS icons;

Kevin had déjà vu while blogging about Kenny Hill Trill;

Randy explained how Nashville's Baja Burrito wrapped up trademark protection for its franchises.

And here's your trademark trivia for the day: THE NEW YORK FOOTBALL GIANTS trademark registered on this day in 1967. The trademark was originally used to differentiate the NFL Giants from the MLB Giants before the baseball team moved to San Francisco. It's also one of the favorite catchphrases for ESPN's Chris Berman. As seen on this Giants Touchdown newsletter:
09 19 67 The New York Football Giants

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