April 30, 2014

Through the Google Glass: A Glance at Wearable Technology Trademarks

by Guest Blogger

Things are about to get meta. This is me taking a picture of me on my iPhone with my Google Glass. Hashtag selfie.

Google 2

Is wearable technology a glance into the future? Possibly. If it is, Google and Apple certainly want to guarantee their intellectual property is protected.

Google has already received trademark protection for Google Glass, its head-mounted smart device pictured (sort of) above. Currently, Google is working to register a trademark for the word "Glass." Its initial efforts were rejected by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Google's attempt to trademark the common, descriptive word is reminiscent of King's attempt to trademark the word "candy," which we discussed here and here.

Apple is also working to protect its rumored wearable technology, the iWatch. People have been speculating about the iWatch for years. Apple has applied to trademark "iWatch" in several countries, including Russia and Japan. Recently, Apple filed a new "Apple" trademark application in Ecuador to add protection in Class 14, which covers jewelry and watches. Apple has also filed similar applications in Mexico, Norway, and the UK in recent months. Notably, Apple is not covered under Class 14 in the United States and has not filed a trademark application for "iWatch" in the United States.

Whether wearable technology is the next big thing remains to be seen. What is clear is that two of the big players in the market, Google and Apple, are doing everything they can to protect their intellectual property if it is. For now, let's marvel at the possibilities.

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