November 13, 2014

The Best State Slogans, Part 2

by Guest Blogger

This week, I will continue examining the top 10 state slogans according to USA Today readers. Last week, I reviewed numbers 8 to 10 (Colorado, South Carolina, and Montana). Let's now turn our attention to numbers 4 to 7:


Visit Florida, the state's tourism marketing arm, replaced its "Your Florida Side Is Calling" slogan with "Must Be The Sunshine" last year. The campaign was designed to remind travelers that vacationing in Florida makes for great stories. The campaign's first TV commercial makes this point by showing a family basking in the afterglow of an epic Florida vacation:

The campaign has been a hit. Last year, it generated more than 1.2 million trips and nearly $188 million in tax revenue. Despite the campaign's success, Visit Florida has not pursued federal trademark protection for the slogan. Perhaps this is simply an oversight. If so, then Florida is missing out on some important benefits. Or maybe this campaign is intended to have a short lifespan, which makes federal trademark registration superfluous.


Alaska's BEYOND YOUR DREAMS. WITHIN YOUR REACH. slogan was launched in December 2002. It reminds visitors that Alaska's scenery and wildlife are like nothing else on Earth yet it's within our borders (no passport required!).Alaska has protected its investment in this slogan with a federal trademark registration. Here's an example of use from the official state vacation planner:

11 13 14 Blog Alaska Full Size


The "Land of Enchantment" slogan evokes New Mexico's scenic beauty and its rich history. It was placed on New Mexico license plates in 1941, and it became the official state nickname on April 8, 1999. Despite the slogan's popularity, state officials decided to rebrand in 2012 with the introduction of a new slogan, "New Mexico True". The rebrand was intended to fight New Mexico's dull reputation (their words, not mine!).

New Mexico appears to be all in with the new slogan. State officials allowed their LAND OF ENCHANTMENT federal trademark registrations to lapse. Meanwhile, a federal trademark registration for the NEW MEXICO TRUE slogan issued on March 26, 2013. Here's an example of how the new slogan is being used to lure kite-flying, young people to the state:

11 13 14 New Mexico Full


Ray Charles' classic song "Georgia On My Mind" has been closely associated with the state of Georgia for decades. It became the official song of the State of Georgia in 1979.

In an effort to sell the state to a wider audience, Georgia officials made the questionable decision to introduce a new slogan, "Put Your Dreams in Motion", in 2006. The new slogan was intended to drive people to expand businesses, to invest in Georgia and to tour Georgia. State officials also obtained federal trademark protection for the slogan. Here's an example of use:

11 13 14 Blog Georgia Full Size

The new slogan appears to have been no match for that "old sweet song". It ultimately died an ignominious death, and state officials allowed the federal trademark registration to lapse earlier this year.

Next week, I will complete my review of the top 10 state slogans. Tune in to find out the top 3 state slogans!

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