November 25, 2014

Shockingly, this is from One of The Top 100 Legal Blogs in the Country

by Guest Blogger


If you do crossword puzzles, you know that the largest organization of lawyers in this country is the ABA--the American Bar Association. The ABA's mission is to improve the legal profession through a wide variety of services. These services include things like drafting and maintaining professional responsibility rules, publishing countless magazines for various areas of the law, creating programs to increase diversity in the profession, and facilitating free legal services for the poor. While all of that is nice, undoubtedly the most important service the ABA provides is its annual list of the Top 100 Legal Blogs ("Blawgs") in the country.

This is how it works: The ABA maintains a registry of more than 4,000 legal blogs. Each year, the organization reviews each of these blogs and publishes a list of what it considers to be the top 100 legal blogs in the country. Due to what we can only believe is a clerical error, the ABA has named Trademarkology (yes, us) one of its Top 100 Blawgs of the year for 2014! If my math is right, that means that Trademarkology is among the top 100/4000ths percent of legal blogs in the country.

But, that's not the end of it. Once the ABA names its Top 100 Blawgs, it then reaches out to its membership and the general public to vote for their favorite legal blogs. I'm not sure what you get if you get the most votes, but it's a contest and therefore we must win. Can you guess what's coming next?

Yup. If you like this blog (or happen to be among the people who only read it because you are related to one of us), please go to the ABA website by clicking here, selecting "Intellectual Property", and voting for Trademarkology! Thank you for the vote and all the support over the past year!

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