July 16, 2014

Cleveland is Cool Again! What LeBron's Return Means to the Trademark World

by Guest Blogger

Lebron Johnny Manziel 1 Original

We have previously written about LeBron and Johnny Football. Now, they are together in Cleveland (and represented by the same marketing agent, Maverick Carter). Cleveland is cool again! At least, that is what one trademark registrant thinks.

Let's wind it back a few days. On July 11, 2014, King James announced his return to the Cleveland Cavaliers via an essay posted to Sports Illustrated's website. That same day, an individual in Cleveland filed for the mark CLEVELAND IS COOL AGAIN! Presumably, this entrepreneur is looking to capitalize on LeBron's return, something many others in Northeast Ohio are expected to do in the next year. Indeed, one economist predicts that LBJ will bring close to $500 million to the region.


With this amount of economic stimulus, do not be suprised to see a number of new federal trademark applications for marks related to Cleveland or LeBron in the near future. One company that should consider seeking federal protection soon is Fresh Brewed Tees, a small apparel company based in Cleveland. The company has been a big winner in LeBron's return thanks to its popular "FOR6IVEN" t-shirts. The company teased the design prior to LBJ's announcement and quickly sold out of its inventory following the announcement. According to the company, the t-shirt remains popular today.

While Fresh Brewed Tees has common law trademark rights in the mark, Trademarkology highly recommends that the company seek federal protection. The same goes for any business that develops a mark hoping bolster business based on the exciting news that LeBron is returning to Believeland.

News Sklar Grey was so excited about, she posted a tribute version of her trademark song to YouTube.

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