September 02, 2014

Hershey’s Brand Refresh Lacks Freshness

by Guest Blogger

Last week, Hershey updated its classic logo and unveiled a more modern look. Gone is the skeuomorphic design that featured an embossed "Hershey's" trademark as it appeared on its chocolate bar and a photographic representation of a Hershey's Kiss. The new logo features the same logotype, but features a flat design that removes the apostrophe from "Hershey's". It's lovely.

082914 Hersheypoo 6001

The problem is the representation of the "Kiss" in the design. Immediately after Hershey released this new design, the helpful people on the Internet kindly pointed out that it looks a lot like the emoji "poo" character, which it does.

Poo 31

Perhaps the folks at Hershey realized the similarity, but thought the emoji character was a happy-go-lucky, coneless, soft-serve chocolate ice cream instead of a smiling pile of feces. At any rate, this was easy to avoid. As I said in my post about picking baby names, (and I cannot stress enough how important it is) vet your name and logo by making fun of it, even if you need to enlist the help of eleven-year-olds. It just may keep your iconic candy brand from being associated with cartoon poop.

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