June 10, 2015


by Guest Blogger

As we approach Father's Day, I began thinking about the attributes of my father and husband. Like many of you (unless you are plagued with procrastination), I hopped online to look at potential gifts. In searching fatherly topics, I came across a term which I am apparently too old to know about â the "Dad Bod."

Apparently, the phrase "Dad Bod" is used by younger generations to describe a man who probably has kids and no longer works out, but also is not unhealthy â somewhere between chiseled abs and a beer belly.

This phrase exploded after 19-year-old Mackenzie Pearson wrote an article on the college-oriented website The Odyssey entitled "Why Girls Love the Dad Bod". As she explains, the Dad Bod makes guys seem more "human, natural, and attractive."

Whenever a new phrase is coined, a trademark application frenzy often follows. A slew of trademark applications were filed for the phrase YOU'RE FIRED made popular by Donald Trump (Dad Bod?) during the show The Apprentice. This also happens a lot with sports catch phrases and nicknames for athletes like Seattle Seahawks' running back Marshawn Lynch who owns a registration for BEAST MODE for clothing, and his Super Bowl rival, New England Patriots' running back LeGarrette Blount who received a trademark registration for BLOUNT FORCE TRAUMA also for clothing.


While professional athletes typically do not meet the criteria for having a Dad Bod because they are too chiseled, many former athletes certainly qualify.

The DAD BOD phrase is no different. The following trademark applications were filed in the past few weeks, and we'll see whose "bod" is good enough to get a registration:


filed by Olympia Media Group LLC for clothing (Olympia also runs The Odyssey website that published Ms. Pearson's article);


filed by DT Fashion Limited for clothing;


filed by Charles Falconer for clothing; and


filed by Juan Cardenas for beer.

If you are considering adopting a Dad Bod, here is Jimmy Fallon's take on the pros and cons of a Dad Bod:



Happy Father's Day!

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