August 27, 2014

An Exercise in Branding: DDP Yoga

by Guest Blogger

Ddp Yoga

We have written about yoga before (here and here). We have written about professional wrestling before (here and here). We have written about viral videos before (here). Now, I will write about all three.

You may have noticed that I write about sports a lot. I love sports. I played sports for most of my life and now help coach the Vanderbilt Rugby Football Club. Bill, Mari-Elise, and Randy have heard all about the "glory days." They also have heard all about my myriad of nagging injuries from the "glory days." About 18 months ago, in an effort to put the injuries in the rearview mirror, I took up Mari-Elise's favorite hobby - yoga. Shout out to everyone at Hot Yoga Plus in Nashville!

I decided to give yoga a try after seeing this viral video for DDP Yoga, which was founded by former professional wrestler Diamond Dallas Page.

Diamond Dallas Page certainly understands the importance of branding and protecting a brand. Indeed, he currently has a pending trademark application for DIAMOND DALLAS PAGE and has tangled with Jay Z over use of his famous "diamond cutter" hand gesture.

With DDP Yoga, the former wrestling champion has put a masculine twist on a practice that once appealed mostly to women. In 2012, Yoga Journal reported that over 80% of the 20 million Americans practicing yoga were women. Now, more and more men are after the benefits of yoga, yours truly included. DDP's program is geared toward attracting that demographic (without alienating women - DDP's daughter is an instructor).

The brand's slogan is "It Ain't Your Mama's Yoga." Originally called Yoga for Regular Guys, unlike traditional practices, DDP Yoga is in-your-face and intense. It also rebrands several well known poses: warrior pose is "road warrior" and child's pose is "safety zone."

DDP Yoga is a great reminder that a brand must know its target audience. A brand's audience can inform its brand-building decisions. A brand that knows its audience can develop a consistent, identifiable message, which strengthens the brand.

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