June 05, 2017

20th Annual Kentucky Environmental Permitting and Reporting Conference

Presented by the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce

The Kentucky Chamber of Commerce’s environmental conference is the most complete and comprehensive permitting and reporting course offered in Kentucky. This course will provide you with the information you need to understand environmental permitting programs, while giving you the most current information on reporting issues facing the regulated community. This is the one conference environmental professionals cannot afford to miss.

This conference is for you ...

  • Plant personnel responsible for air and water permitting
  • Managers who review permit applications and work with corporate staff and production to plan for and implement changes in operations
  • Facility personnel who must review new permits and evaluate whether to accept permit conditions or challenge them
  • Persons responsible for compliance with environmental requirements
  • Facility personnel who develop plans, or work with consultants to develop plans to address contamination on site
  • Persons responsible for dealing with waste management issues at the facility

Presentations by Stites & Harbison attorneys include:

  • The Remains of Water Quality Regulation (9:45 to 10:45 am on Thursday, August 10), BLAINE EARLY, Member, Stites & Harbison, Lexington, KY office; Jeff J Harmon, Deputy General Counsel, Kentucky Energy & Environment Cabinet; and Bob Kjelland, Director of Environmental Management Department, University of Kentucky. Actions by Congress and Trump Administration to roll back environmental regulation include using the Congressional Review Act to eliminate the Stream Protection Rule (implementing additional regulation under the Surface Mining Control and Reclamation Act), as-of-yet announced changes to the Clean Water Rule that was supposed to clarify the extent of the statutory “waters of the United States,” and budgetary restrictions on the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Although these changes affect the regulated community they do not eliminate the effective protections already in-place. The environment will not be left unprotected, and business/industry will not be free of regulation. This presentation explores the possible impact of these changes.
  • Shaking the Dust Off Air Toxics in Kentucky (11 am to 12 pm on Thursday, August 10), JENNIFER CAVE, Member, Stites & Harbison, Louisville, KY office; Melissa McDonald, AECOM; Jana Zigrye, Regulatory Affairs Leader, The Dow Chemical Company. Air Toxics Rule/Program Development – why do we have these rules? General Timeline for KY DAQ and LMAPCD Programs – they used to overlap! STAR/KY Basics (requirements and what compounds are regulated) STAR/KY Applicability (who is subject, what are de minimis levels) What Information Do I Need? (stack parameters, buildings, property line and surrounding property uses) Actual Emissions – what is included? SSM? Which emission factor to use? What is Modeling? Modeling Tiers, Acceptable Software Packages Maximum “Worst-case” Emissions How Modeling Results are Used / Risk-based Models Examples – formaldehyde, benzene, acrylonitrile big hitters in Louisville, KY (maybe HF or HCl) Case Studies and lessons learned`
  • Citizen Suit Enforcement – Filling the Gap (1 to 2 pm on Friday, August 11), KENNETH GISH, Member, Stites & Harbison, Lexington, KY office. President Trump's proposed budget calls for a reduction in EPA's budget of over 30%. In light of this reduction in funds and its likely impact on the work of the EPA, will environmental non-profits step in and use citizens suits as enforcement tools? This presentation will provide facility owners and operators an overview of the citizen suit process from receipt of a notice of intent to sue through allocation of attorneys' fees to the prevailing party. The presentation will also describe how companies can best position themselves to first avoid and, if that's not possible, prevail in a citizens' suit.

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