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Stites & Harbison has extensive experience in commercial lending transactions. Over the past several years, we have represented many major commercial banks in Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Tennessee, Georgia and Alabama, along with other money-center and regional banks, credit unions, and a number of insurance companies. We are involved in closing transactions on behalf of these clients throughout the United States. Our attorneys have handled all kinds of financing transactions, ranging from small-ticket lease programs and small business loans to sophisticated and complex structured financing transactions like syndicated credit facilities, synthetic lease transactions, securitizations, tax-exempt bond financing, tax increment financing, tax credit financing and other creative financing arrangements. We regularly document and assist our clients in closing SBA 7(a) and 504 agency-guaranteed loans.

Our experience also includes:

  • Leveraged equipment financing
  • Vendor financing programs
  • Project financing
  • Conduit lending
  • Mortgage warehouse lending
  • Leveraged acquisition lending
  • Leveraged employee stock ownership plan loans
  • A variety of asset-based loan transactions with collateral ranging from traditional accounts receivable and inventory to more specialized property like equine bloodstock, hospital and nursing home assets, music portfolios, mobile kitchens, fleets of mobile offices, aircraft, barges, rolling stock, securities and investment property, agricultural installations, telecommunications networks, all kinds of capital manufacturing equipment and titled motor vehicles.

Our practice also includes syndicated and participated multi-lender structures, factoring, leasing, bond financing, and asset transfer transactions like securitizations. We are also experienced in a variety of strategies for both the initial structuring and recovery of debt capital transactions.

While we serve as counsel to many large and institutional lenders, we equally serve small and community-based lenders in structuring, negotiating, documenting and recovering a wide variety of commercial, real estate and consumer loans and other credit transactions, including the acquisition, construction, development, permanent and refinance loans for all types of commercial real estate.

We also represent borrowers, developers, investors and other parties to these types of transactions unless our lender clients are providing the financing or are otherwise involved in the credit or project.

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