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Mina N. Khalil

Mina N. Khalil

Mina Khalil is an attorney located in the Louisville office where he focuses on creditors' rights and bankruptcy law. His practice focuses on Kentucky and Indiana laws governing electronic signatures, notes, recording, and notarization (UETA, E-Sign, URPERA, RULONA) and recent Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) administrative proceedings and RESPA requirements.

Mina has been assisting the Creditors' Rights group in preparing a presentation regarding Kentucky's need for legislation to implement e-recording systems for real estate transactions and other areas to promote efficiency through electronic filings, recordings, signatures, and notarizations.

Recent News, Articles & Speaking Engagements

Before Stites & Harbison

Prior to joining Stites & Harbison, Mina was a judicial clerk for two years for U.S. Magistrate Judge Edward Atkins in Pikeville, Kentucky, where he gained extensive experience in federal habeas petitions and social security claims, and managed one half of Pikeville's entire civil and criminal docket.

Besides Stites & Harbison

Mina enjoys spending time with his girlfriend Jenny and playing tennis. He also enjoys playing electric guitar, listening to and playing music, and volunteering with the Build a Million Meals program at Southeast Christian Church.