Brands, Trademarks, and Registration

Registration of State Names as Trademarks

Collegiate licensing is a big deal these days. Lots of alumni and fans of college teams want to wear clothing bearing the marks of their alma mater or their favorite team.

by John W. Scruton August 21, 2018

Beloved Brand Nicknames

One sign of a prominent, strong, and/or beloved brand is a nickname. Consumers sometimes show their affection for their favorite brands by abbreviating them, elongating them, or creating variations of them.

by Alexandra MacKay August 09, 2018

Sticky Rebranding and Fluid Marks

I have fond memories of drowning my pancakes in all the flavored syrups on the table rack at IHOP. But, on June 4, the International House of Pancakes announced that though it had been IHOP for 60 years, it would be "flippin" its name to "IHOb" in a week.

by Alexandra MacKay July 19, 2018


Friday the 13th is once again upon us. The fear of Friday the 13th â paraskevidekatriaphobia â is derived from the Greek paraskevi (Friday), triskaideka (thirteen), and phobia (fear). It has been said that fear...
by Joel T. Beres July 13, 2018

The Trademarks of the World Cup Stars

In honor of the world's biggest sporting event, now occurring in Russia, let's look at which of the big stars of the World Cup is winning the trademark competition. The competition, as I define it, is to show evidence of protecting the mark that is the player's name or image.

by John W. Scruton July 10, 2018

Childhood Trademarks

Maybe it's just because I am about to go on vacation with seven children under the age of 11 (and their parents), but it seems a lot of trademarks from my childhood have been making appearances in the news recently.

by Alexandra MacKay June 14, 2018

The Golden Knights are one step closer to securing the Stanley Cup and Federal Trademark Registration

This hockey season, the Las Vegas Golden Knights have been fighting to establish their name in the National Hockey League . . . and with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

by Rachel Dix Bishop June 01, 2018

Design Patents and Trade Dress

There are several different kinds of intellectual property protection (e.g., trademarks, patents, and copyrights). The borders between the types of protection are not always clear, and it may be that some subject matter is eligible for protection in more than one category.

by Alexandra MacKay and Sean P. Ritchie May 10, 2018