April 11, 2014

Stites/Keeneland Day at the Races 2014

by Guest Blogger

Thanks to all the organizers, presenters and attendees at the 4th Annual Stites Creditors' Rights Day at the Races. Turnout at Keeneland yesterday was exceptional -- around 50 financial institution officers, lawyers and other personnel.

I'm a little poorer thanks to my preternatural inability to handicap horses, but we are all smarter thanks to the presenters. Special thanks to these folks who really worked hard to make this a top-notch event:

Katie Bell

and Brian Bennett for a Dodd-Frank and CFPB update

Chrissie Turner

and Eric Breithaupt for updating us on healthcare insolvency issues

Liz Thompson

, Rob Meyer, Erika Barnes and Ron Stay for the state-by-state update on foreclosure law in Stites' footprint

And thanks to Walt Robertson, who gave a handicapping seminar that I willfully ignored, to my peril, for the fourth straight year! We'll see everyone next year!